For me, art represents the process & meditative elements as one connects thought to canvas.

Art becomes a discipline and not just a creative journey.

​I am a figurative and narrative artist working with a variety of mediums however, my preferred mediums are sumi-e, using the traditional method of grinding the sumi-e ink stone made from pine tree ash, and egg tempera, also using the traditional method of preparing boards with true gesso. I also enjoy painting in oils and watercolors. Different mediums offer different expressions and the process of discovery for a particular gesture or series exhilarates me. 

  My art inspiration comes from my background in sumi-e painting and Asian artists like Chiura Obata, Park Noh Soo (Nam Jeong) and Kim Ki Chang (Un Bo). I also love Helen Frankenthaler, Marc Chagall, J.M.W. Turner and Andrew Wyeth.